About Us

The NTelos Wireless Pavilion always wanted to provide entertainment to people, but we aren’t entertainers. What we did instead offer the property we own and converted it into a place that will hold various performances and many other events. We have already been in this business for many years and have provided various forms of entertainment, whether these are theatrical shows, concerts, etc.

What we do

That is so much for what we have been through all these years. We have expanded the place in order to accommodate more people into seeing whatever event is taking place. We provide schedules on when the upcoming events or performances are going to happen. With so many performances that are going to take place in this arena, we are delighted to tell you that you can book your seat in advance online. We offered this system when we see the demand has increased and many of our consumers demand that they can get the best seat as much as possible.

If you’ve seen concert halls and theaters as of late, you have no idea how it was like for hundreds of years ago. The origins of theaters are unknown, but the impact it has on culture is obvious as you take a look at history. Many people claim that the first theatrical shows and performances weren’t really shown in theaters that you see today. There were first derived from various religious ceremonies and rituals. These ceremonies were depicting various stories and myths passed down from one generation to the next. Throughout time, the myths have separated from the ritual aspect and then were performed on its own in order to tell the story. One of the earliest examples of the theater thought to have happened was in Ancient Egypt. Various ancient cultures such as in China, India, and Greece have also performed various theatrical performances.

Western Theater

The history of theaters in the west can be connected way back to the ancient Greeks. Their comedies and tragedies still survive to this day, wherein most of them have already been performed in different theaters all over the world. They are even translated into different languages or even adapted in order to suit to audiences of today. Dramas from ancient Greece were originally performed at the outdoor amphitheater, which you can still see some of them surviving to this day. The stage, or also known as an orchestra, was in a circle wherein all the action takes place. Right behind the orchestra is called the scene, which is a building or tent wherein the masks and costumes were stored. The theatron is where the audience sat. The seats rose up and surround the area of the orchestra.

Theater flourished widely in countries England and France during the middle ages. Moliere and Corneille, two famous French playwrights cause quite a stir with their plays since it was considered a very controversial story at that time.

Today, these performances are still performed by various groups, often referring to them as ‘troupes’, which is a group of entertainers that have trained for years in order to perfect their art of performing on stage. The theaters of the past are still being used today, but the troupes also perform in modern stages, which is often referred to as an arena or theaters still. It is not only the play troupes that use the stage to perform musical plays or theatrical performances. Even musicians and other artists make use of this stage to perform for their fans.

In order for people to get a look at their favorite performances inside the modern theaters like ours, they have to buy a ticket to the performance that they wish to see. This is done through our website. The earlier that people book their ticket, the better chances that they get to choose a seat that they prefer to sit on. Depending on the arrangement from the artist’s side, they may have to set up a seating arrangement were VIPs get to sit and get a closer look at the artist, which is obviously at the nearest and very front row of the stage. The farther the seat is from the stage, the cheaper the ticket will be. VIP seats are the best, but they can only be afforded by those with the extra money to spend.

There are some performances that do not require any seating arrangements at all, but in our theater, we still provide the right value of their money equivalent to where they are seated. The closer they are to the stage, the higher the ticket is going to be.