Auditioning for Your Community Theater Group

Auditioning for Your Community Theater Group

Having a community theater in your area is really a great way to start acting and keep going at it. The thing is that many people that audition are not sure how they should act or what they need. It’s not as hard as it looks, if you know what to do.

Before the audition

There are a few things that they should do before the audition. One of these is to have a good photo of you taken. This can be a headshot if you are intending on going further in your acting career. Community Theater is a really good place to start and first impressions can mean everything. Practice is also a good thing to do before you audition for anything even Community Theater. Take some monologues and work on them to get a feel for how you act and what you may need to improve on. You may even want to videotape it so that you can see what you do and how you may be able to improve yourself.

The Audition

Once you have been practicing for a little while, you are ready for your first audition. This can be something that is very professional or it can be very laid back, depending on what the group is like. Some are very serious and others are not so much. You should still go into the audition with a sense of professionalism so that you are covering your basics no matter what. Make sure that you are on time and that you are prepared. Have your script memorized so that you can give a full performance and not be tired to a piece of paper, but do keep it in your hand in case you forget a line and need to look at it. Be calm and do your best. You might be what they are looking for and you may not be. That is something that you can’t control, just do your best and the rest will work out on it’s own.

After the audition

Once the audition is done with, forget it and move on. If you get a call to be in the play then great, but don’t be to upset if you are not cast because not everyone can get the same part. You will audition for many things and you will probably not get that many parts. That is just the way that theater and acting works

Be professional no matter what happens and try and have fun. There are many people that love the theater. The professional ones get the furthest and have the most fun with it, so keep yourself in check, but have fun with what you are doing. Before you know it, you will be acting in that great play in the theater that you love and having a great time doing it.