New Food Addition – Steaks Made with a Sous Vide Machine

We wanted to let you know about an exciting new addition to our venue – steaks made with a sous vide machine. For those of you who aren’t aware of sous vide cooking, it makes the absolute perfect food each and every time. Your food is submerged in water in a vacuum sealed bag and the water is heated up with a sous vide machine. We obtained our sous vide equipment after reading the best sous vide machine reviews at We are able to make you the perfect sous vide cooked meals while you enjoy our entertainment.

You’ll be able to find the new sous vide kitchen on the 2nd floor, near the rear concourse. Of course, we know that this isn’t the traditional theatre food that you’re used to. We’re actually piloting a program, the first of its kind, to bring sous vide cooking into the mainstream through theatres and venues. We have 8 of the latest sous vide machines ready to pump out as many steaks and vegetables and chicken as our patrons can eat.

The food will be priced roughly at $20/meal, which isn’t bad considering you’re getting a sous vide cooked USDA steak.

We recommend that everyone reads up on what sous vide cooking is, because we’re simply enamored by it. It’s amazing how much quality food one simple sous vide machine can produce. We’ve cooked everything from chicken to fish to steak to eggs in ours. We’re probably going to partner with several sous vide manufacturers to brand our own equipment, but that will come at a much later date.

The official launch of our sous vide kitchen is going to be in March 2018. We cannot wait to see how much you all love our sous vide cooking. We’re hoping to be the first, and definitely not the last, theatre to adopt sous vide cooking!