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Television Show Concert Tours: American Idol Live Concert Tour

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We live in a society today that tends to get very bored with basic things; this is the reason that television has become so popular in the United States today. The average viewer has a very short attention span and if they get bored of a program then they have the ability to change the channel. Also, since most shows on television today offer a recap each week you will not be required to have to remember anything at all. This is the reason that television has become so popular but the problem with most television programs is that they only focus on one need or desire. Shows that have combined two aspects into one presentation have been some of the most popular television shows in the world for the last few years. American Idol is one of the most watched television shows in the United States because it combines live concerts with a reality voting show each week. Fans feel they have a say in the outcome and they love to watch their favorites perform each week and this opens the door to expansion. American Idol has been able to achieve a following by taking their concert and reality shows on tour and sell millions of tickets in the process.

It is the American Idol show on television that makes a live concert tour possible since the fans feel that want to see their favorites perform. The show features Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest and Kara DioGuardi. Simon is the reason this show is a hit; it is the insults that Simon gives to contestants that provide entertainment after performances. American Idol will be going on tour this year during the same dates as last year. The tour starts in July and ends in September and all the dates can be found here.

The tour will include concert performances by the top 10 contestants of the season. This will include Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynche, Lee Dewyze and all the other contestants. The prices are expected to be around $60 before taxes and tickets go on sale in May. Unlike the American Idol show, the concert will not include a judging portion since everything is built around the live concert performances like Hannah Montana. If you are a fan of American Idol then I suggest you be at the local box office to pick up tickets when they go on sale.