The Amazing Florida Theater in Jacksonville

Florida Theater in Jacksonville

Since 1927 the Florida Theater has been bringing in upscale entertainment to the Jacksonville area. It started with Vaudeville acts and silent films. It is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It has drawn 250,000 people each year. Today, the Theater has 200 cultural events each year. There is ballet and opera. They also have music such blues, pop, jazz, country, and rock. Other than just being an entertainment center, the Florida Theater is also a place for business meetings, charity events, graduations and even award ceremonies.

These events help our community by supporting our schools, churches and other civic groups. The Theater is located at 128 East Forsyth Street in downtown Jacksonville. An example of the shows that are brought to Jacksonville via the Theatre are: acclaimed psychic John Edwards who connects the living with their deceased loved ones. The comic duo Cheech and Chong on tour comes by. These guys broke box office records with eight Grammy nominations and nine hit albums. Relationships conferences are held to help keep families together.

There is an Uncommon Music event that recognizes local talent. They take musicians performing in local clubs, bars, and restaurants to reveal their talents to the city of Jacksonville. The annual concerts proceeds goes to local community organizations. The Theatre also recognizes local visual artists with its Art After Dark series. You are given a chance to purchase some art from upcoming artists. 90% of the proceeds go to the artists. JaxRox is a branch off of Uncommon Music which specializes in Rock music. There are three Rock bands that perform the concert. The proceeds as with Uncommon Music goes to local organizations in the community.

You can become a friend of the Florida Theatre. With annual membership you qualify for several benefits. These benefits include preferred seating, upcoming performance notices in advance, priority ticket purchasing, and invitations to exclusive friends events. There are three types of memberships:Ensemble ($150-$299), Supporting Role ($300-$499), and Cameo Role ($500-$999).

Contact the Florida Theatre for more information on these memberships and programs. By mail submit to: Florida Theatre 128 East Forsyth Street Suite 300, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. Or contact by phone at (904)355-2787 and fax is (904)353-3251 for ticket office. Administrative office is (904)355-5661 and fax is (904)358-1874.

Note: of course we still prefer The NTelos Wireless Pavilion