Ticketing Information

It is easy to purchase your tickets for the NTelos Wireless Pavilion. There are three ways that you can purchase your tickets – one by personally visiting our ticketing office, by phone or online. The most convenient way to purchase your ticket these days is online, but if you find it difficult to purchase them online, it is best that you call or personally visit the ticketing office.

While purchasing tickets is easy, finding the best seat isn’t. Purchasing tickets is done on a first-come-first-served basis. And those that purchased the tickets first have the luxury of choosing the seat that they prefer to be in. If you don’t want to end up in a seat that is unfavorable to you, you should book your ticket in advance.

Scope the venue

It can be difficult to know where the visual obstructions are since the arrangement of the stage depends on the artist or the performer’s design. What you want to prioritize here is a seat that doesn’t block your view. The online seating in our site will give you chart mentions on where the view obstructions are likely to happen. If you can’t find the, contact us through the contact page.

Find out which are the best seats at the venue

And to do this, you will find a lot of information through our site. We update information on the upcoming event and what kind of seating arrangement the performer is going to have. You can also find a lot of articles here, especially reviews from our past customers wherein they give their advice on which seats are the best to purchase your ticket with.

Find the centralized box seat

This refers to the seats that are situated near the middle. Again, keep in mind that the seating can be different in every performer. If they are off to one side, you may only be able to see one part of the stage. The box seats provide an advantage wherein you won’t be seeing too much audience right in front of you. The box seats are also usually well-placed, not to mention there is more room to move around. They might even be closer to restrooms should you need to take a break from sitting or watching.

Search for a balcony or mezzanine

The mezzanine or balcony are usually a level higher than the ground, but they are not officially the second floor of the structure. Since they are higher, it also means that you get a clearer view without obstruction as well. Usually, balconies are cheaper tickets, but they don’t offer a great view. It is indeed clear, but you will need magnifiers in order to get a closer look at the performer. Mezzanines are usually closer to the stage than the balcony since it provides you a clear view of the whole stage.

Avoid the seats right below the upper balcony

Venues that are designed like the old classic theaters usually have upper balconies that protrude. This muffles out the sound. It also obstructs the view of the sets of the stage, particularly its upper one.