Tips for Getting the Most Out of Sous Vide Machine

Sous vide cooking is a popular cooking method because of its convenience, efficiency, and health benefits. Compared to other cooking methods, it does not take much time and it’s easy to achieve the perfect sous vide meal. Since you’ve invested both time and money in .choosing the right machine for you, here are the following tips that can help you to get the most out of your sous vide machine.

  1. Select the right temperature for every food

Before you clip the plastic bag into the pot, make sure that you consider the temperature first. The right temperature and right amount of time is the key to the perfect sous vide cooking. For instance, a 5cm thick of meat will most likely to stay longer compared to a 2cm thick of meat. If there is a guidebook provided by the manufacturer, refer to the appropriate temperature for the food you are planning to cook.

  1. Be careful with the finishing

The finishing is a crucial part of the sous vide cooking method. Once you overcook it, grey bands will appear in the meat and it will not be considered as a sous vide meal. For instance, if you are going to sear the meat with butter, make sure that the pan is extremely hot before you put it in. The technique is putting it in and out as soon as you can. In that way, you can avoid overcooking and maintain the natural color of the meat.

  1. Minimize the juice placed inside the plastic bag

If you are going to put some butter or oil together with the fish or the meat, make sure that you minimize the amount you’re going to place inside. Most of the time, chefs only place some butter or oil if there are several pieces of meats inside the plastic bag so that it wouldn’t stick together while cooking.

Instead of butter or oil, we recommend you put some dry spices and herbs if you want to season your meat or fish. If you are going to cook red meat, remember that the salt wills brime so prefer not to add some.

  1. Choose the appropriate time of keeping the plastic bag inside the machine

Contrary to the common misconception, longer is not always better. You don’t necessarily get fine results if you’re going to keep the plastic bag inside the top rated sous vide machine for an extended period of time. Most of the chefs agree that the steak should not be cooked for over four hours. It’s because the connective tissues will break down once it’s soaked in the water for too long and it will become mushy instead of tender and soft.

If you have a cookbook, check the suggested amount of time the food is going to be cooked. It is an important consideration especially if you are going to cook some fish, which is very delicate and easy to overcook compared to meat.

  1. No pressure

Sous vide cooking should not be mistaken as a daunting task. In fact, you should have fun while cooking the meat or the fish. Any types of meat work well with this cooking method and almost any kind of vegetables as well. Even eggs that are cooked in sous vide cooking method can acquire a uniform texture. You can even do fruit in your sous vide machine, that’s how versatile it is!

Keep the aforementioned tips in mind if you want to get the most out of your sous vide machine. It will serve as your guide in serving fine meals before your family. Cooking had never been more fun with sous vides cooking method!